• Maintenance & Servicing  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Maintenance & Servicing  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Maintenance & Servicing  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Maintenance & Servicing  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec

Accessories & Parts

Maintenance & Servicing

Cafection offers you many useful accessories to ensure that your coffee machine is always in safe and working condition.


Repair Kit


**Now available: repair kit for the NSF compliant Encore 29**


The repair kits provides you with everything you may need to perform routine servicing on your brewer. Find valves, replacement parts and accessories essential to your coffee machine maintenance in one place, all included in a solid and easy to carry suitcase.


This kit also includes a Platinum filter paper roll for those occasions when you need a little extra to cover!


Cafection’s repair kits contain pieces and components compliant with all our coffee machines.


Leak Controller


Order the leak controller to be alerted quickly in the event of a water leak and therefore limit the damages. Easy to install, it will allow you to counter the damages caused by a water leakage and to avoid you considerable inconvenience.


When the leak controller's sensors detect moisture, it sounds an audible alarm and cut off water supply. The leak will be shut-off and the alarm will continue to sound until someone turns it off manually.


Our leak controller can be installed on any Cafection coffee machine.


Service Key


Cafection’s service key is the perfect tool for operators. You simply need to plug the key and download your coffee machine informations into your computer to then read and write the parameters of your brewer!


The service key will also allow you to upload those settings into other units, to read and record your meters and to view and edit your machine’s serial number.


This accessory is compliant with the Avalon Series machines.


Cafection’s Sophia - Global Management System will allow you to have access to those features and many more on the Encore and Innovation Series.


Complete Accessories & Options Brochure




To order parts* in the United States, please

contact Betson Enterprises


*Parts under warranty to be orderd directly through Cafection Customer Service


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