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Universities & Colleges

If you are looking for university and college coffee equipment, a Cafection bean to cup brewer is what you need.


Participate in the enhancement of the student life and create a coffee shop inspired area on campus. It is a unique opportunity to grow your business and increase your cup by cup margins.


Increase the satisfaction of students and staff members with an environmentally friendly coffee machine ideal for universities and colleges. You can also contribute to the sustainability efforts of every educational institution by providing a top quality brewer that will help you make greener choices by minimizing waste.


Moreover, a Cafection brewer will serve a perfect cup of coffee 24/7, making it the greatest ally for every university or college student!


Thanks to Cafection’s proven reverse French press and its adjustable gram throw, you can create a distinctive taste profile and control the quantity of coffee brewed in each cup. Because nothing is more important than a strong coffee on a late study night!

Suggested Products

Total 1

The Total 1 is a top quality coffee machine that delivers delicious single serve coffee from the bean to your cup. It can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely with Cafection's Sophia - Global Management System.

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Petite X

The Petite X is an environmentally friendly single cup coffee brewer that welcomes the user to a premium selection of hot beverages, for the convenience of providing a freshly brewed cup every time.

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Petite R

Combining a sleek and elegant design and environmentally friendly features, this Avalon coffee machine is the perfect solution for small coffee areas.

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Encore Venti

Cafection’s Encore Venti is the technologically advanced coffee machine with the highest capacity in the industry. Its larger brew group can prepare a cup of coffee up to 24 ounces in a single brew cycle!

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