• The Essentials   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • The Essentials   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • The Essentials   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • The Essentials   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • The Essentials   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec

Accessories & Parts

The Essentials

Cafection can provide an array of accessories to make your life and your client’s life easier. Optimize your coffee machine area and make the most out of it with Cafection’s essentials!


Cup and condiment dispenser


Our cup and condiment dispenser allows you to group the ingredients and materials essential to a good coffee. Organize sugar, coffee stirrers and cups in a single place, without cluttering up the counter space around your brewer. This accessory also provides one-at-a-time dispensing, keeping cups sanitary and preventing waste.


Cafection’s cup and condiment dispenser can be installed on eiher side of the unit and is compliant with all our coffee machines.


Chute kit


Cafection’s chute kit allows you to increase your coffee machine’s waste bin capacity from 15 to 300 cups. Coffee waste and used filter paper will fall into a larger waste bin hidden under the counter or in a cabinet instead of going into the internal waste bin of the machine.


Not only will you ensure a properly working brewer, but you will also decrease the frequency of maintenance and servicing needed!


The chute kit is available for all Cafection’s coffee machine.


Platinum filter paper


Ensure the best brew for your coffee bans with Cafection’s Platinum filter paper. This Cafection’s exclusive accessory will allow you to serve 1,600 cups of coffee and can be ordered individually or in a case of 36 paper rolls.


Every Cafection coffee machine uses our Platinum filter paper.


Discover why it is essential to use Cafection’s own filter paper.

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To order parts* in the United States, please

contact Betson Enterprises


*Parts under warranty to be orderd directly through Cafection Customer Service


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